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On the Surface
August 13, 2018 Pound River Church
Pound River Church Podcast

On the Surface

August 13, 2018

Pound River Church

We hope you will take time to listen to this sermon from Pastor Bill Rose. It's easy to stay on the surface level. Why? Because it's comfortable. Key verses: Matt 23:25-28.
We hope you will take time to listen to this sermon from Pastor Bill Rose. It's easy to stay on the surface level. Why? Because it's comfortable. Key verses: Matt 23:25-28.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:41Happy to be able to go down and to learn a little bit about Lord of the dance and they little snack and snack you get inside of the Bible says that we need this word more than necessary. So this is a feature, so it long johns be arrested. If you've got the bottom three, you can turn there, you don't have some towns, you see somebody and you say, how's it going? How are you? But really dig deeper into. Then it's kind of like what I would call a surface, which I hae done some good things and you kind of go not to. You don't really expect an answer. Have you ever have you ever asked somebody had to do until they start to tell you and then you're like, oh my gosh, I didn't, I didn't make that.

Speaker 1:2:01But the point is, is that we made on expense a beat mansard they ma'am, we don't expect it. It really sometimes getting deep into things makes us very uncomfortable. Um, and, and we can get very awkward act and when people start to put herself out. But if you think about it for just a minute, that's true in all aspects of our lives, we don't, not to go deep into that. We don't like to look beyond the surface is where we're coming from and nail the surfaces where we're safe doesn't reveal too much of it, doesn't get too deep into this and it doesn't get down to the to the harder parts of the parts that we don't lie and that's what we like to service and for a lot of other step four, we will stay on the surface, keep everything on the sermon right, but at least be an all of our time and our energy and our effort, making the surface look good. Rap We. We do everything we can to try to, to keep the surface plain dry lecture ever. Everybody thinks that it was a certain way. We'll make sure we say certain things the right way so that people will laugh.

Speaker 1:3:23When we get around a certain group of people, we act a certain way because we want the video with those people. Sometimes we want everybody to believe that our marriage perfect, that we want everybody to believe that all of our relationships are perfect and we want to look a certain way so people will laugh at this, but want everybody to believe our houses are spotless. They may have. You will get if you don't, if you don't think that you. If I called you tomorrow and said, I'm 10 minutes away, you can say, okay, a and, and then the next 10 minutes, mad dash and mom didn't sweep it up, but nothing really. It was a pile. So that doesn't mean the company. Hey man, it just means I wasn't prepared for that.

Speaker 1:4:22And why are you worried about that? Here's the thought out that bond. We worry about that, that operation. People come home, we want them to feel like can got it on a killer. Everything's. We've got this stuff figured out last week, but after that, everything's in place. Everything's, you know, everything's supposed to be, there's no mess and there's no. None of those things. Facebook is a prime example of surface level, right? It's a prime example, right? It's a. If there's nothing wrong with that, I'm not going to get. I know I'm using it a lot. You're linking, but I don't think there's anything wrong with it, but people that you see what they want you to see and they don't hardly ever see videos and husbands and wives fighting on placement and one of the silliest marriage arguments that you have sometimes you just don't see it. If you don't get selfies of you taking your kids to do that properly, so you rarely, rarely, you know. I mean they see that. They see you smiling and a waterfall the night though. They say you a piano, they see you that you're buying this. That's the impression. I'm lucky, but it's very surface level now. Those are district samples in our lab surface level things. What I'm getting at, well I won't get them to understand or know is when you think about it, we also have to stay on the surface spiritually.

Speaker 1:5:45We don't want anybody to see your scars and we don't want anybody to see our birds. We don't want anybody seeing her scenes and their faults, so we act like we don't have or we wouldn't say a lot in the sense that we would all settle in the homeless center, but we don't, but we don't have verbal sizers and neither do we. We, we, we, we try to keep things right at the way they're supposed to look. We're trying to keep it all plain on the surface. We hear sermons about the importance of reading the Bible. For instance, I'll use that as an example. You're attorney about that and wake up when I say, no, no, we don't need to read and study God's word. It's important that we know God's word and everybody would check their insight and then even if they in word and leads, man, you don't lie because they don't want anybody to know about reading the word with everybody around them.

Speaker 1:6:41That opal and he was like, I'm a member or to a man. We do that to save face, to keep the, to keep it all going. Graph we struggled with. We don't have to act like we do. We have, but we don't want to act like we do. We're not always get them to open up and don't deep spiritually, we're just not. But here's the point. This morning, it's easier to keep things on the surface level than it is to get down deep, but unless you get down there, nothing beats that. When it's all up here. This is easy that you're just putting on a show and as long as you continue to act out your part and as long as you could get you to say all the right things and do all this shape, but when you get down in here to the heart, it gets a little tough.

Speaker 1:7:30Then it's a little harder. So if you're in matthew 23, let's look at verses 25 through 28 year. Woe to you scribes and pharisees, immigrants. You've cleansed the outside of the cup and the outside of the dish, but the inside of stillbirth that they're still full of x sort of extortion, self indulgence. You Blind Pharisees first, clean the inside of the cup and the dish at the outside of them may be clean. Also, woe to you scribes and pharisees, hypocrites for your last lap last tunes that indeed appear beautiful on the outside, but it's not. They're full of dead man's bones and all kinds of uncleanliness even so you outwardly appear biopsies to men, but inside you're full of hypocrisy and lawlessness. They why don't extremely powerful and convicting section of scripture. Jesus was looking into the hearts of these people and he was Kiki. He identified and saw that they were putting on a show and then they were putting on a religious show. Uh, and, and he told me, he said, you only watched the outside of the cup. You leave the inside. Fielded a man. He said, you're like a look straight on the outside, but inside it's wrong.

Speaker 1:9:04Then it really cuts to the point. It really hammers it. And when he says these words, he says, you're trying to appear righteous to men, but on the inside you're full of hypocrisy. And seeing a man, man ain't me this morning and I tell you today, that's a reasonable life. Trying to pretend to be something that you're not doing what they said. Whoa. What do you think the word low means? It doesn't mean it's not like a horse and you're trying to get him to stop. He's not saying whoa means there's trouble. Sorrow, right? That's what that word means. Distress and promos. So he says, well, give me say, the more you live like this, the more sorrow is going to come in more trouble and more distressed the things we're going to be. Maybe if you made it with that understanding, you can see, say, hey, pharisees and scribes, you know you're living in this surface level live and you're trying to convince everybody how awesome you are, how great everything is, but you'd be better off if you would clean the inside of your life. You didn't get the feel of the things you're acting as a message that world needs to hear today is that it doesn't do us a lot of good. The wash, the outside, the inside's still there.

Speaker 1:10:38Now we can go through our whole lives doing this, convincing our signals and trying to convince the other trap that everything is fine and and that, that everything is we're supposed to be in, that our lives are, are good and world pay and we can keep telling him, hang on, okay we are, but we need to stop and take a minute to take a look down deep and make sure that things we need to know what's below the surface. Say Man. But you know, sometimes you can. You can play a part so long that you start to convince yourself that that's who you really are.

Speaker 1:11:18That's the truth. You can play a part so long that you start to convince yourself that that's who you really are when it's really hot. People want to be careful of that. So before we go further than that, I, this morning and we'll to plant some seeds, get you started looking beyond the surface a little bit and ask some questions. And then I pray the Holy Spirit with the word that the risk of the day, the rest of this week and, and, and really that, that we can go beyond the surface level. And then before we go, let's play together all the thank you. So we love you father today to see below the surface k around too many masks.

Speaker 1:12:06We need to just to be honest this morning, God, we pray, Lord this morning, that you would be honest with us if you will reveal our arch to us, not what you see thought. If we deceive their sales color, you've showed us God. We pray for willingness to hear and doing salmon changed up when you need us to pray for strength to face, whatever those things are that are in on a horse that aren't where they should be. We need you to go. We need your grace. We need your forgiveness. I need your guidance. We need to behold our sales in this mirror of the word of God and see if we're really living the life that you want us to leave this school dot. If we're doing things the way that you want us to, so show us today, God, speak to our hearts just for overlap, build a student joy and to and to be grateful for the fact that you could even take time to send the message.

Speaker 1:13:05Students maybe winter. That's a great lesson today that you take time to speak to your children though we like you for it. Lord, we give you all the praise, the honor and glory in Jesus' name. Amen. So there's some questions I want to ask you this morning, that questions that my eldest dig deeper. These are not new questions. These are not, these are not something that you've never heard before. I preached all these things before, um, but it's good to be reminded they ma'am, these are the things is I asked God once I read that scripture this morning and I read it again to, to understand that's God wanted me and I've tried to figure out what would you say that these things then, what is God's trying to get into our hearts this morning? These are the questions that, that God put in my mind. And the first one was below the surface that we read love.

Speaker 1:14:04I don't we do all the surface. I'll have the they may, but below the surface. Do we really love God? How much of our love for God is just on the surface lip? That's a hard question to answer. I know it's really hard because you don't want to back deep into that, but I didn't really think about it, but how often do you really think about confidently? How often do you think about him on a day to day basis? How often is he in their mind and in your thoughts, how often are you concerned that the thing you're doing is what he wants you to do? How often do you go to a and say, God, neither. Man, you want me to be in debt? I knew that thanks God, that you want me to accomplish today. How often when you're not at church am I hopefully more, but how often when you're not at church, do you take time to worship God and praise God so often when return to praise and worship for Sunday morning, say, man, I'm just telling you the truth.

Speaker 1:15:07That's the time when we were listening to the songs at the time will raise our hands and the rest of the week we're listening to whatever else that Tom and we're just going through and just trying to get through until let me go Sunday to Sunday may man, and I'm thankful we do it either, but I believe you can have the same caliber of worship all through the week and I, I believe you've got to make time for it. Right? I mean really ask yourself, do I enjoy my prayer time with God or is it just something I do because I'm supposed to do that? Do I find joy in serving in the church rap? Do I find pleasure in, in, in being a part of a, of a family, the people that are trying to serve out or am I just because I feel like I'm just going through that.

Speaker 1:15:59I'm just trying to keep up appearances, you know, just want to make sure that nobody thinks that I'm not a good person, so y'all were going to ask yourselves on the things that we do and they are motivated by love for God or not. They may have think off a surface level when you start thinking about the love of God because I don't know, meeting Christians and I think I can go to almost any church and preached that God saved me and if I asked him, I said, how many of you love dogs? I'll probably get the majority of people who raised their hand they may have once the loading book wasn't. The gets more than that. It's more than just an outlet of conviction with our map. It's something that's deep down here inside of this. You know, Jesus said this in Matthew 22. He said, you shall love the Lord your God with all your soul, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and write commands.

Speaker 1:17:00JC route is a picture from a long time ago. He said this. He said, if we love a person, we think about it and we don't need to be reminded of it. We don't forget his night or a appearance. We don't forgive this character. We don't disappear and we don't forget his taste and his position or his occupation, and it shouldn't be just the same between the Christian and practicing female. He said, if you love a person you enjoy hearing about a man, you find pleasure. When people speak, we'll have. There'll be an interest in what others think about. It shouldn't be so between the Christian and crafts, and if we love personally, like to read about what pleasure. Remember now he wrote this a long time ago when people were away from each other. They didn't pick up the phone and the college and three man, he said, if you love a person will not to read them. One intense pleasure. A letter from an answer husband or a wife gives her spouse or an absent some gift to his mother, a man. It's just so between the true Christian and practiced.

Speaker 1:18:23If we love the person, we like to please them. I don't get bored. We're planning to consult their tastes, their opinions, and to act upon their advice to do the things that they approve of shouldn't be sold between the Christian and crafts we love the person were jealous about their name and their arm. Now be careful. I'm not encouraging jealousy at word means we care about. We care about their name. We don't mind to hear that person's spoken banner. We aligned and we will let somebody try that person now without speaking up for them on their behalf. They mandated it. Turned out my wife a man. Like I said, something bad about my wife going to confronting a man. I'm gonna. Let that go right. I'm not gonna. Let somebody say something bad that much. You may do something bad or not, but somebody just picking on her site something. I'm not name that because I love if we love person personally, like to talk to.

Speaker 1:19:40We enjoyed talking to them. We tell them how they feel and tell them only thing. Sometimes before ever hearts to arrive. We don't. We don't try to avoid them. We don't ignore them and if we let the person that won't even them as much as the Kenyan, that these are the things that he described and the night that should be the way our relationship with Christ that are you really in love with Tavis, more desire to know it deep, enjoy spending time with Degan. Make time for it or do you ignore it? They put him off. See an after thought to the things that you're doing, other things that's going on. Do you worshiping, praising? Then you get into face that he deserved or do you just don't do the week, and then if they can come here, throw a few dollars in the bucket and say if you praise him, if you've done your religious obligation and then it's easy to keep up the appearance that just just put on a plain and a pair of jeans or pants and come to church and raise your hand the right spots and do all the right things.

Speaker 2:20:54Got It.

Speaker 1:20:58That doesn't answer the problem that I've been left out. That's what I'm going to get across to you this morning and they go a little deeper on the okay. Is your love for God and under the rug. What did Jesus say? We should love the lord the long haul, so know that we should love God. He got to and login with an early divided love our whole door. Let me show you a few scriptures. Matthew six, 24, no concern to maximum height of the other. He'll be loyal to one of the other cancer. Don. Then Michigan, a good thing to not love the world or the things in the world. If anybody else the world is not yet. That's a hard one. It always hits the hits the soul a little bit,

Speaker 1:22:03but those are instances that God wants our undivided love. He doesn't want us to love him with a hammer. He told them, he said, if you see me with your whole heart, your mind, somebody appreciates that I don't have any real relationship with God. They don't have any real connection with God. I don't ever really hear the spirit guide and or talking with them. They never feel late to do anything. They never had any real calling or anything and they're locked in one word or you know, it's just about, you know, I sit here in the church, I'll do the lines that they need me to do. Then I'll go home. I'll just live my normal life, but everything will be fine because they don't really have a connection with God.

Speaker 2:22:50Yeah,

Speaker 1:22:52because they saw gone with her whole hall.

Speaker 2:22:55Yeah.

Speaker 1:22:56When you give your whole heart into it,

Speaker 1:23:02you said it. Well, Gosh, you know what? What do you want me to do what you do? It's not that I'm not saying do more. It's about having. It's about that. It's not that you, you, you start volunteering for every industry we had. You could do it for free. You can come work with me the energy because you just go crazy with the gospel. You could have all these other things. You can have all these things and do all this stuff. None of that. I know that he's going to make your relationship with God knit or unless you seek God with your whole goal a whole lot. You know the evidence, the evidence, and I'm pretty sure, like I said, anything things to you, the elegance for loving God is simple, that it we just a lot. It's easy to another to another. We just don't lie. First John Five, two, and three. By this we know that we love the children of God. When we love God and keep his commandments, for this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments and his commandments are not burdensome.

Speaker 1:24:12So Jesus said, if you love me, I am, and he says, if you love the children of Golf, you'll keep my commandments towards them, and this is the love of God, that this just having another, the love of God dwells innocently. Keep God's commandments not perfectly, not all, not that we would never see, and not that we never make a mistake or we never stopped, but that's not what he's saying. What he's saying is is that our desire is to keep God's commandments and because we want to, we want to keep them in the calls. We love him, not because we want to earn your mind or the love of God. God's already given you this and then it shows you that in Christ and saying is this, and here's the best part of that scripture. The part that most people really. It really exposes a heart issue is that that last night he said he gets law. By the way, his commandments, the numbers to most Christians, they sure sound like a man.

Speaker 1:25:22You May. Novels needed. Is this. You mean? You mean you want me to? You want me to come? You won't get a dump fatal shit together with other Christians once a week manage. You're asking too much. This is ridiculous that you you, you want me to help with? You want me to help with this ministry? You want me to do it now? I've got too much other stuff going on and then he relapsed. It happens on Amazon all the time and so somebody just want you to say this morning that God and ask yourself, do I really look below the surface? How deep is my level? I know you have deep. His love is for you, so much so that we can't even begin to measure how deep is your love for him. When everything in the world comes before, when, when, when, when, when, when he could be easily traded off for some entertainment or temporary pleasure. It's you to say we've met the heart reveals the truth.

Speaker 1:26:37I can see your heart this morning. I don't know if there's other things in there that are natural love for God is trying to divide your affection, defended, steal your devotion and attention. Don't pretend like it's not there. No time, no time to cover that up. We did a world. They man their face covered it, but to make them half gas delays, recommended wines. The people's eyes that I hit her. You know, even if you don't mind to your body now you can close that. Apparently when he put them on, it sucks it all pm somewhere please.

Speaker 1:27:30No live theater. All these pamphlets for this surface stuff. None of that fixes. The problem does when you get home and you got this thing when you can squeeze out a little bit, we'll get rid of somebody with a spiritual but don't cover it. I show the kids this morning, I got the job, got called out and I still do a little video from Francis Chan talking about this very thing he talks about out after day, but you know when David was potty and seeing an exposed. When Nathan the prophet came and spoke thing, when a man named David, he began to.

Speaker 1:28:39He began to say, God against you and you only have I seen so. So we know this. We don't have to get down walking around with our heads. If our love for God to do this repeatedly, repeatedly coming off and say, I'm sorry, there's no a little bit warmer than it's got a little bit cold. You're like, I'm sorry that I haven't had the same fire, the same seal that I should've had. I want to get there. Sorry. And you don't want you to say no problem. I forgive. You know, Jesus will take him out of his like, rise up and seeing. No, I ain't seen no or just like you did the woman remember that it was time, that old trick you'll all set for the stoner. Jesus said, okay. He hasn't seen him do it and guess a personal one that dropped their stones and walked away. They picked her up from Atlantic and when she lifted up her ass and just even picked her up and he said, where's your users? But go your way. Seeing my whole, it's a guaranteed back. When you come to the alternate rigging, he's going to pick you up and say, Oh, you're of grace. You talked to him where grace is God's forgiveness but also teachers.

Speaker 2:30:18Amen.

Speaker 1:30:21So you got to look for those things. Is God your top, the most important thing in your life that you love him more than you love anything else in the world that ask the most important thing to the second question that I don't me to understand this morning? Am I living the way that you almost literally not only am I living the way living the way that he wants me to live and to live? I'll tell you that we know we know the difference between right and wrong. We know blogs we can reassign to other people. Madonna doesn't ask you simply memorize his expectation. He asked us to leave. So are you living the way God expects? Here's the language for the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith as it is written, the just shall. Hey Man, I don't expect you to live by faith. In other words, God expects you to live trusting in him, believing in his promises and his commandments is love. Trusting blood for your salvation, not trusting in the mansion, trusting that he defeated. Then I'll have to believe those things this morning. Now the trust, those things, I want to live in a light that shows that I pressed those.

Speaker 1:31:54It's really the conviction to live out the truth that God has revealed, will say is, hey man, listen. Do you know how many people's play as the ship wrecked or as, as has crashed, fail? Because some stupid article come out that said that, uh, there is no evidence of the resurrection, that Jesus was really just that really Jesus was made with this person. I really, Jesus was the, all these people just to you be shocked how many people just legos where the lead man.

Speaker 1:32:40Here's the reality of every part of your office more. No matter what it is, no matter where you are, no matter what the situation is, you're going to have to choose. Do you want to believe the world not linked up a name? Now, as for the and my house, we're going to say, God going trust God over the world. Net daily. When the world says to me that, that, that we were at, we created that we were just random chance coming together and I to believe that no matter how smart the person is a therapy a lot, I trust what God, God's created me, city Godson, and he formed everything that ended again, the earth was without form and void and darkness route over the face of the water. In the spirit of God move, they may. God created the heavens and the earth and God eventually created us.

Speaker 1:33:44And I trust that and I've chosen. This is the path I've chosen. I've chosen to believe that I've chosen to trust it. I want to say one time he said, who the hell I am? This is why. This is what I trusted and chosen to believe in him till the bittering mommy slave. But we have to have that kind of faith. They man the world, and listen, there's going to come a time. I didn't have this. I didn't have this in my notes, but it hit me. There's gonna come a time when the antichrist will come and the scripture says, go to marvelous miracles and to draw us away. They ma'am, I'll preach about this trip very often you'll do marvelous miracles. You're mesmerized, the things you'll be able to do and everything, and so many people, so many people we love so many people we care about because of the greatest works that he did. Miracles, and if we're not great out of the district, we haven't chose to trust this and we'll follow into and they don't want you to follow the wrong way. Always Trust God's word, a man's sport, no matter what. No matter what the news says, what the article says, no matter what the scientists say, it doesn't matter.

Speaker 1:35:29God is not a man that he should lie and then let God be true and every. Just want to encourage. Doesn't matter what any organization tells you, it doesn't matter how popular the philosophy is. Doesn't matter. You know from who? From this one or that one or who is I say, there's no way to have them besides Jesus Christ. God expects us to live by faith. So taleah trusting and man, that's what we need to do today, but living my faith goes even deeper than waiting denial. They know what God says for us to do. We need to believe that it's best for that. So when you get below the surface of faith, Jesus would often say, he'd say, Oh, you little back. I'll if we got below the surface, is that what God will say? That everything they say, it's little. I don't want to like the science and the grandmother.

Speaker 1:36:45I can say this, got to college. They may not want you to trust. God wants you to read it, read it, read it really, really interesting and this and the evidence of that day, the more you trust out the morning, surrendered your life to it, and then it's just the reality. You can gauge the trust that a person asked her dot, but I have this or with the surrender that if they're not willing to surrender some aspects down, press down with that. They don't trust government way, but when we realized that we can trust God more than we trust our stables, they won't give it all away. They man, they fit. Let me try to get finished up. I'm trying to get done. Am I accomplishing the third question? Am I accomplishing the work? Not as given me that. Get them all the surface of that I didn't ask, did he come to church every Sunday?

Speaker 1:37:43I didn't ask you to you read your Bible. Sometimes those are surface questions that's going to be below the surface and I accomplishing the work that God has given me, that we've asked them to love God for the answered my faith. I pray that that answer is yes, but this is the question now is 95 and six tails or past 16 nature light, so shine before men. Him, they may see your good words and more by your father in him. You got a purpose in the Kingdom of God. You've got a ministry of the Kingdom of doubt. Whether you want to make it massive, not that you stop in cleaning. Do, and I try to remind you guys this over and over again, I'm trying to do that, but God has a and a plan for your life. He felt a wheel for you. Are you serving for it? Are you asking them what it is? Are you searching with your whole lord of the sapient so he ain't crazy? You got to ask yourself, am I really accomplishing anything for Christ? Am I accomplishing anything for the Kingdom of God that you're not? I don't. Don't get mad and you're not accomplishing anything for special them for church.

Speaker 1:39:12This is a big. This is for you. That's why I never understand why people say, well, I don't really want to come to church. You don't want to. It's for you. It's your opportunity to leave with others, the opportunity to pray with others. It's your opportunity to hear dogs were preached so that you're banking increased. Oh, this is orchestrated in here by God so that you can grow, so this isn't your work, your work stuff I have coming the church. God's got a real word for it. We've got responsibilities as Christians in sharing the Gospel and then Sharon and living the gospel, loving others, serving others. These were real responsibility. We're called to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and then these are shared responsibility. Visit. There's also individual responsibility. There's unique responsibilities. Mia, you've got responsibilities that God has given you, responsibilities for the kingdom, responsibilities for your church, responsibilities for your family, responsibilities for your home, and then you have these individual responsibilities that God has given to you. Whammy, you've got responsibilities for the kingdom. You've got responsibilities for your home, responsibilities for the church, responsibilities for all these things. I think your family nowadays, those terminology, the same responsibilities, but their responsibilities that was given to us by God, a man somehow some you need and all the work needs to be accomplished. All of that needs to be accomplished. Works that gray dot Laurie. When people see you doing and they think, man, what is it about what makes them love the way that they live? That's when their hardest tendered.

Speaker 1:41:22This'll be my last nice. You got to look at below the surface. Am I satisfied in Jesus? Really satisfied where am I looking for satisfaction, but a lot of us don't look, don't, don't answer on the surface. I know that the surface answer is, oh, he is Jesus. Is Everything okay? I can say that to what's below the surface and they ended up going to get, are you truly satisfied? Craft liquid down 6:35. This is Jesus' words. He said, I am the bread of life. He who comes to me shall never hungry. Neither believes in me shall never thirst it, man. That's talking about satisfaction. Being satisfied. See, I would ask the guy below the surface is crashed or social. Totally. He acted a little world is it is crashed or source of strength and you have to go in the world and gets driven.

Speaker 1:42:35Is he your source of peace or do you have to go to the world and trying to find that though? That's the question. When you get below the surface wrap. Oh yeah, I know. We all say we're satisfied that I want to continue to take that bearing out in the way that you live and you can hide that for me. You can say, all I drove out the meals and Jesus, right? I find that I'm happiest when I'm serving the Lord, but if you're never surgery, your life feels a different story than demand and man, I just wanna I just wanna work for the Lord, but when the worst, when it's time to work, you ain't never had to lose friends and Hailey, anything except get mad, but you know long. That's wow. So many people today aren't really satisfied in their Christianity. They're going out to the world because they won't get below the surface. They keep saying all the things that they're supposed to say, but when they get down low, it is. If it's true in their life, Ravana, distribute. What? If we think we're close to my parents? Sometimes I saw the video the other day, these paths round. Circle your feminist parent and got cancer airbag and compare it against and then the parents walked out, right? He knows that he doesn't have a sound like he even told the other cancer will be. Nobody loves his parents.

Speaker 1:44:12He has a lot of Christian chameleons that when they come into the church while they look just like the church that act like mit, if it looked like it raised the top like everybody else, like they seem just like everybody else, but when they go to the world, all of a sudden they looked like them and talk like them wherever they are they made for you. That's today. There's one lady that we got to be careful about and this is, this is this internal signs of of dissatisfaction that I've seen over the years and I'll teach you with one of them real quick. I keep saying it's the last thing. Well, the biggest signs or symptoms if you're not satisfied and price for yourself is that don't know what you do for copd. You don't really do that like, and that's why you never really find that happening. See, see, you're always burdened by the work that you're doing. There's always a bird, and and, and here, here's what happens. You spend more time worrying about what everybody else is doing and what everybody else was doing it enjoy. Oh, listen to that again. Traditionally, an analogy here, when it's a sign of a spiritual illness, like you spend more time worrying about what everybody else is doing or not doing,

Speaker 1:45:48enjoy. You're not doing good works as an offering to God. You're doing your work and and, and, and when you feel out of the lion's share of the work on your shoulders, you know this from experience. When you feel after, when you feel like the lion's share of the workload is on your shoulders, it's easy to start to look around and say, where's everybody else has happened and this person didn't show up. How come that person they can here at Malcolm and I used to, I used to spend countless hours thinking about this person never showed up. When we, when we have a work night happen after this is over here, didn't come to church this past week or happened. They only have more and I was just playing and just drive myself insane. Worrying about those things. Just the door might not mindful that God showed me this about myself because I started to enjoy the things I'm doing because I get to do it and if to ask the Alu, I don't waste my time getting upset.

Speaker 1:47:13That's fine. If you don't come to the church and say I can look at you. You leave and say, hey, we're done. Good and faithful servant. Look here you you, you were there. You did this to participate in that and he'll put this on my worst full. I'm out to lunch and the grand scheme of things, but they bring me joy to do the predominant and if you can't find any joy it and if you don't want to, no, I'm not going to make and then this is not the way it's supposed to be. I shouldn't have to preach you into professional recognition. Have to pray to limit and Julian, I shouldn't have put you into being a Christian. I eman responsibility. It's not between me and them and God. It's just between you and go, man. That's why I don't worry about it so much anymore.

Speaker 1:48:15While I'll take lists and put shelves up who don't and I talked about those that know and I know our goal was to do, if it's okay at the end of the bathroom you got popped to God and that's where you stand with God in account belief. I'll get a camper. You won't believe you'll give an account for you and you did not. I'm responsible for my actions like anybody. That's all I can do is love my golf. Be The example that he called me the day that everybody has to do with like that's something that's good. I want to encourage you this morning. Don't be on the surface. Don't, don't be Christian it if you're struggling with something, don't put all my instances.

Speaker 1:49:11If you're yelling at your seat, you don't have to act like you're not. You can come and say you're on and then if you're hurting, if something's broken in your argument, at least to keep. If you haven't seen in your heart, you and like you didn't see him better just on it, I wouldn't come out and say, hey, it's me, me, I'm a sinner. God forgive me against you and you're not against deal, and then it gets family ever. I guess you and you only have I seen a man. You go to God and say those things don't take care of the rapes that man, but what we don't want to be hypocrites won't you get for Koreans who wash the outside of the Ag Lafley arrived to see food are so. You know you've got it all figured out here, but the inside, we don't want to be that way. Let's put me inside outside of the Boston, I, man, let's just remain seated today. Let's close our eyes for distance.

Speaker 1:50:20I just want you to dedicate yourself to God. To love him. You just close your eyes for a moment. Let me just ask you this question. I don't see anyhow, so that's wonderful. Fine. While there's nobody looking around, I just want to ask you a question. Are you struggling? Are you struggling with, with her too or with, with, with your love, with your faith or making good choices of surrendering to Christ? Maybe on the surface, you know you're holding it all together, down. Make you fill out the shipping or her, and if you're struggling net Ley today, would you just, if you hand up and say it's me and I'm all over the place to great, but got a lot of hands up today and make there's lots of people through, you couldn't make them.

Speaker 1:51:13I just want. I just want to pray with you. That's all I want is I want us to pray together. If you didn't raise your hand, I think that rap male, you're staying the uptodate. There's nothing wrong with being stayed, but down below the surface you're, you're not. You're not holding it together the way you want to. There's one place to go for hail. I'll lift my eyes unto the needles. Where does my help come from and where do I get my strength? My health comes from the Lord who made the heavens and the earth. They May. I serve a practiced who when the disciples were in the boat and the storm came, he was asleep the bottom. When they woke him up, they were terrified. Today we're going to. We're going to pray, faith to try to see if he'll do the same for rat.

Speaker 1:52:07They woke him up. You know what? He stayed to the wind. He said, these, these still and the wind ceased and then now I can speak to it in our lives today that can help us to have today, but we got to repent. Let God know where we stand. If anybody wants to pray this morning up here at the outfit, it's open to you, but we're one prayed together on that block, so I'll give you just a man if anybody wants to come to the altar, and so now for the rest of us, let's pray together.

Speaker 1:52:58Heavenly father, Lord, we look to you this morning, not on whole in myself. I come up short so many times, but God below the surface sometimes there's a battle raging in my life and the life of each person. They fight battles. They have hurts and aches and heartaches and hurt theorems, God and all these things. Now that can come into, but y'all today what we want more than anything else is to leave. David cried out. He said, God created me and renew a right spirit within me and I know that my students got on a lot, have not been perfect, but I thank God today that you are forgiving God. It's your loving gotten so that I can today and repentance, asking God that you would forgive me and those that have a sense of your heart, that you forgive them today, that you would heal the scars, that you would revive stuff, that he would make our Christianity more than a mass to make it more than surface.

Speaker 1:54:08Take it down deep into our home builders to love you, but everything else and not worry about what everybody else is doing. That's not true. I thank you for helping me build those in trouble with that. Hippos are struggling with anything. Whatever it might be. I mean, it's just that they just feel just this. He'll help me. Look to you, our hill, our rock, our foundation daughter, cornerstone. God, the only. The only thing though, you're the all day thing that we can turn to them. When I'm overwhelmed. God, the Scripture says, lead me to the rock that is higher than that. You got your that wrong.

Speaker 1:54:58We thank you today for stuff we ask for your forgiveness, for your mercy. We ask that we can rise up and seeing the whole workup. We can lead with whatever we laid down to this altar. Whatever relief when we raise our kids up from prior dog that believe that plays, we walk away from God and we walk into loops and that area in our lifetime. We allow this prayer. The words, if that changed this stuff, give us a deep love for you. Give us a deep love for one another. It was to be truly satisfied with you and not to try to find joy and other things. Go was to have greg faith live by faith and trust in your promises, in your work. It was to help us to have full confidence in those things. If our hearts are not, be dividable to be focused on the Yukon certain you'd love him. Shelby, thank you so much. Thank you for a great God. The Great Church thing that you brought us together. You got all the wonderful people that you've seen here, to this little church down to serve together, to worship God. We're so grateful to be a I thanking God for all the work that's being done in your name by this church and others as well. We pray for them, God the work that third, help us to love each other more than we prayed in Jesus name. Amen.

Speaker 1:56:24Any word we spoke before we dismiss anymore? My daughter's dog. Insightful. I'm glad to be on. Neither did Kay. Thank you everybody for the first night salad yesterday, but he's not been lived. The other thing I should have been dead. You need to be at. Not that God did. Ed. Hey. Alright. I will let you to love and care are back to back. This would be a good home for you. They may have or your. If you're here, we want you to feel welcome and loved that. If you're a member here, we just wanted to let you know that you're loved and appreciated very much and we have a great week this week. I'll forget about steel services tonight at 5:00. These types of systems.

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